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Re: Rodgers W5000

Gordon Wilson wrote:
> Hi, Listers!
> Just heard about an instrument that may help me resume my abandoned career
> of many years at an organ/piano bar.  ("You do, and you die!", my wife
> would say!) but wait!  This instrument is like B-3 gone to heaven...I
> could play it in church!
> I heard it today <over the phone!> and it blew me away!  If anyone is
> interested I will post more info as it becomes available.  They call it a
> B-3 clone, but it's self contained, ready for Leslies, line-out, MIDI or
> whatever.  Drawbars...built-in Leslie...TWO Roland sound modules...
> I want one!  However the $25K price tag is somewhat discouraging.  Maybe
> they'll demo one out to me for my endorsement!  HA! Fat chance!
> Rodgers W5000...you heard it here first!
>Yep. The W-5000 is one mean organ. It's got a pretty good B-3 sound, 
built-in Leslie simulator (quite good), pipe organ samples from the
Rodgers organs and a 654 voice synth. Heard one out here ( Maryland) a
months ago. It's about the size of a B-3 and weighs more (460 lbs.).
Also has
the same type of flat 25-note pedalboard (yuck). Out here, though, it
costs a
bit less ($18k). There's more info & a picture on the Rodgers web

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